Hello Femmlife family

This company is built on enhancing peoples vitality gracefully. Physical change is bound to occur, that change is different for every human. 
That’s where FemmLife steps in, I intend to assist you through this transition phase GRACEFULLY.  Toned skin on our face and body, we do not have to loose our hair on our head only to have it grow on our chin ☹️. The intent is to focus on the person as a whole, the mind, body and soul. The home/ lifestyle, eating habits, and exercise routine, and a little help from a plastic surgeon. We will bring awareness to the physical changes and if it is uncomfortable there are solutions, we will find them.🧘🏽‍♀️ 

I have some advice, some from personal experience the rest from clinical research, and I’m willing to take tips or tricks along the way as long as it does not harm anyone. I am not a doctor, but I am a RN BSN with more than 30years of experience in my uniform pockets. Join me in this phase of life.
Personally I have no problem going to a plastic surgeon to tighten up what a herb or an injection can’t fix. Periodically I will have “care lists” of supplies needed to make your journey to beauty smooth.
Note: talk to a medical professional who is open to wholistic medicine, have bloodwork done to ensure you are healthy and/ or ready for surgery, have a food and environmental allergy test performed no need to have a rash or breathing issues while being beautiful. 

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