Benefits of Almond oil and Watermelon seed oil for eczema

As researched almond oil is used alongside traditional medicine for its anti inflammatory, immunity boosting and anti liver toxicity effects. Historically almond oil has been used in (1) Chinese, Persian, and Ayurvedic schools of medicine to treat skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. There is clinical evidence that almond oil can reduce post surgical hypertrophic scars which form after an surgical incision ( where the Dr. cut you), examples tummy tuck ( abdominolplasty), liposuction scar, knee replacement, gall bladder removal ( cholecystectomy) scar, these are just to name a few places where one could have a hypertrophic scar. Almond oils super power is its ability to smooth scars and regenerate new skin. The properties of this oil are Vitamin A: stimulate new skin cells, Vitamin E: antioxidant, prevents cell damage, Zinc: heals skin, Omega 3 fatty acids: which prevent early aging and protects against sun damage.

Botanical oils enhance skin function by forming a barrier, depositing fat to the many layers of skin, and activating an enzyme that DECREASES SKIN INFLAMMATION ( DeLuca and Valacchi, 2010). Watermelon seed oil is considered a superstar in the beauty industry, but not only will it assist with anti-aging but it will assist those who suffer from skin disorders. The seed oil contains linoleic acid, oleic acid, and steric palmitic fatty acids. The key is these fats DECREASE water loss via the skin therefore REDUCING DRYNESS which leads to LESS ITCHING  and INFLAMMATION from scratching over time.

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