About us

FL goal is to Promote healthy skin, education, happiness through innovation, and transparency.

 As a professional in the medical field of more than 30+ Yrs, the harsh soaps and cleaning products took a horrible tole on my skin.

This 100% natural skincare company is an intimate, and an authority on skincare. I decided to make my own skincare company of body butters, hair oil, body spray and let me tell you my skin has never looked, and felt better.

We are a company that the customers can reach out to, and ask about the ingredients. FL is a luxurious line the products are made in various small batches. The outlook is to move to vendors who are life sustainable companies. Certain ingredients can be substituted at the present time, natural scents can be added or eliminated if needed. There are no synthetic ingredients in the product line if a preservative has to be used it is certified organic.

I take sustainability seriously, even the shipping boxes are reused. FL is more of a “natural living “ mentor than simply selling products. With 30+ years in the medical field we can make a difference in the world together. Rest assured every product I sell I have or a family member (male) has used.