Skincare for the ages

There are Millions of skin care products focused on dry, aging, inflamed skin. Though a cream, lotion or butter can help, it can do but so much. You can’t deny that everyone’s skin changes as we age. A baby’s skin is not the same as a teen, nor is it the same as an adult. At FemmLife we focus on the body as a whole. Vitamins, water, oils and amino acids wether it’s oral, infusion, or topical plays a vital role in getting and keeping skin healthy. What happens as we age? We loose fat!! The elastic bands in our skin weakens and oils production diminishes.

Our Solution: Drink you weight in water daily. 
Get a vitamin deficiency test, you can do one at home or in the MD office. From there you will know what your body need.

Get a food and environmental allergy test, there hair strand tests, skin and blood tests available. Our bodies become sensitive to different things as we age.

Yes, healthy oils matter for more than just your heart, avocado, grapeseed, and olive oils. Look for mono saturated and/ or poly unsaturated oils.

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, not just for muscles but for the SKIN.


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