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Let’s talk about Coffee for your skin, scalp and hair. Are you aware that DHT dihydrotestostrone damages the hair follicles? DHT is a waste product of testosterone, both men and women have testosterone, it can be the major culprit of hair loss. There are clinical studies that found coffee helped block the effects of DHT. It also stimulated hair shaft elongation which caused longer, wider hair roots, also prolonged the hair growth stage. Coffee contains flavonoids which are antioxidants that promote hair regeneration, and relieve frizziness. Caffeine also helps to lock in moisture by closing the shaft of the hair, and create a natural sheen. Bonus caffeine can cover gray hair after repeated use. 
These are only a few benefits of coffee.

Coffee grounds for exfoliating the skin

Caffleic acid has properties that are excellent for the skin such as antioxidant which can boost collagen. Antimicrobial properties that can fight agains germs, and reduce acne. Caffeine stimulates blood flow by opening the blood vessels and allowing excess fluid and toxins to be removed from an area. That is why it is known to reduce puffy eyes and cellulite.

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What are hair growth serums,? They are topical combination known vitamins, oils from herbs, and fruits. The purpose is to stimulate the hair follicle from the capillary to the tip of the shaft (hair that you see). Hair starts under the skin at the capillary which bring in oxygen and nutrients and remove waste. Then there is the papilla, bulb, follicle, bulge, AP muscle, sebaceous gland and finally the shaft.  As I mentioned earlier DHT is not your friend  high levels will kill off the hair internally, lack of nutrients like vitamins will attribute to hair loss, family history of genetically loosing hair, postpartum when the hormones are not yet “back” to “your” normal, DHT can cause “edge loss and hair thinning ”, lack of water, and yes, poor food choices is a disaster waiting to happen. One more thing, are you allergic to any food or environment ( grass, weed, trees, sulfur, wheat) these additives are added to products for various properties they have. If you are. To sure if you are allergic to anything I strongly suggest you go to an Allergist and find out, it may save the hair you have and allow more to grow in time.

The development of Tress System was made to promote hair growth topically. There is not one single product that will stimulate the hair to grow. That is why I made a 3 step system, it has taken me years to develop it, results will be different for everyone, it depends on the factors mentioned above, but it does work. How do I know,,, I had no edges. 

Yes, I am going to say this eating healthy for “you” exercising, and taking supplements will make a difference. 

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