• Tress System Growth System

    Caffleic acid has properties that are excellent for the skin such as antioxidant which can boost collagen. Antimicrobial properties that can fight agains germs, and reduce acne. Caffeine stimulates blood flow by opening the blood vessels and allowing excess fluid and toxins to be removed from an area. That is why it is known to reduce puffy eyes and cellulite.
  • FemmLife

    This company is built on not growing old “ ungracefully”, The intent is to focus on the person on the whole human. When you walk out of a room, people will say how old is she/he?. I have some advice, some from personal experience the rest from clinical research, and I’m willing to take tips or tricks along the way as long as it does not harm anyone. I am not a doctor, but I am a RN BSN with more than 30years of experience in my uniform pockets.